This is the Ultimate Spa Vacation in France

Thermal Waters Spa VichyEver want to have your own ultimate spa vacation? Sometimes just a day or two at a spa is not enough to fully unwind. With a history of people enjoying hot springs dating back to Roman times, the town of Vichy, in France, is known for being a resort mecca of good health. Not only can you drink mineral springs directly from the source in the aptly named le hall des Sources (pictured left), you can also relax for days or weeks at a spa.

Enjoy your ultimate spa vacation in Vichy, France with the following tips:

Getting to Vichy: Vichy is three hours from Paris by train. If you book in advance on, you may be able to secure a ticket for the low price of 15euros. Check the calendar available on SNCF to find the best option for your schedule and budget.Vichy France Residencia condo hotel spa vacation

Where to stay in Vichy: High value for your money can be found at Vichy Résidencia. This condo-hotel offers independent, self-catering units with special monthly rates when you book direct with the property. I personally found the well-equipped kitchen and bed linens to add to add a special touch to the my room. And, it is in walking distance to shops, spas and the peaceful trail along the Allier River.

Join a spa in Vichy: Vichy Celestins Spa offers a monthly pass that includes thermal pool access, classes, and discounts on spa services. I greatly enjoyed my monthly pass, especially the aquabiking classes which are hard to find in the U.S. (Termes de Vichy also offers a monthly pass which is less expensive and overall, offers less than Vichy Celestins Spa.)

Whether you need to de-stress or lose a couple of pounds, I highly recommend indulging yourself for your own ultimate spa vacation in Vichy, France.  Read more about my French travel tips including where to drink champagne in Paris.

Short story by L.B. Lewis for July 18, 2017. Copyrighted. All rights reserved.