Visit Ischia – The Delicious, Green Italian Island

LB Lewis Ischia Italian Island TravelWhen I finally arrived to my hostel in Naples, the last city on my three-week Italian odyssey, I was running out of energy and wanted badly to just visit Ischia.   I couldn’t believe why this hostel, located in an office building, got such good reviews.  And, I was about to live out one of my worst nightmares:  spending a night in the office.

After a day wandering around Naples and a night in the office hostel, I started searching for more information about an island called Ischia, the green island.  It was recommended to me by an Italian who I met before I left San Francisco.  When I asked him about what I should do in Italy, he responded to me with a question about what do I like to do.  Go to the beach, relax at a spa and eat fresh seafood, I told him.  He said I could do all those things when I would visit Ischia.

One good thing about the office hostel was that it was located near the port which made my visit to Ischia easy.  Taking the AliLauro hydrofoil from Naples Molo Beverello Port to Ischia cost me about $40 for a return ticket and was a refreshing boat ride that drops you right in the center of the town of Ischia.  I found my way to a small bakery to eat afocaccia with vegetables on it that captured my stomach from the window.  There I asked the woman working there where was the nearest spa.  Her recommendation led me to a spa that was about a block away from the bakery.  I paid around $30 to spend four hours in the salt room, sauna, steam room and small mineral springs pool.

After I was energized, I found my way to the beach and had delicious, homemade gnocchi al pomodoro and the largest mussels I’d ever seen for $20.  I finished my day at Ischia Sapori with a tasting of liquors produced on Ischia which were made from arugula, lemons, melons and herbs.  After my six hours on Ischia, a much happier person took the boat back to spend another night at the office hostel.

Here are the places I mention in this article that you may be interested in when you visit Ischia…

Office Hostel In Naples:
Hostel of The Sun In Napoli
Via G. Melisurgo, 15 80133, Napoli,Italy

How To Get To Ischia From Napoli Molo Beverello Port:

Ischia Mussels Food Bakery In Ischia:
Villa delle terme 68, 80077 Ischia Porto

Terme di Ischia:
Across from L’Orsetto
Via delle Terme, 15, 80077, Ischia Porto

Restaurant In Ischia (0n the beach):
Ristorante Cap e Fierr
Via V.Marone, 9, 80077 Ischia Porto

Local Spirits Tasting & Store In Ischia:
Ischia Sapori
Corso Vittoria Colonna, 206, 80077 Ischia Porto

Short story by L.B. Lewis for July 15, 2016. Copyrighted. All rights reserved.