Picasso Museum Paris: 3 Time-Saving Tips

Museum Paris PicassoRe-opened in 2014 after a long (five year!) renovation, the Picasso Museum Paris in the Le Marais district is filled with not only Pablo Picasso’s work but includes his private collection. In addition, regular temporary exhibits are worth noting as is the history of the museum.  The museum occupies an entire hôtel particulier that was once owned by a salt tax collector. Ironically, when Picasso’s family decided to pay the inheritance tax after his death, they did so with his art which is what visitors will see today.  To make the most out of your visit, here are my top three Picasso Museum Paris tips:

1) The Picasso Museum’s website is in English & French.  Before you buy your tickets, see what is going on and make a plan before you visit.

2) Buy online tickets to the Picasso Museum in a few clicks.  It is 1euro more but could save you and your familyParis Pablo Picasso Museum Sculpture precious time by allowing you access at specific times that work with your schedule instead of waiting in a long line.  And, don’t forget, the museums’ hours vary and never attempt to go on a Monday because it is closed.

3)  Check out the incredible artistic assortment of souvenirs in the gift shop. Obviously, this is just one option for tasteful souvenir shopping in Paris and clearly better than the Eiffel Tower key chain for Aunt Mary.

Lastly, enjoy your visit by experiencing the ambience of this beautifully restored historic mansion, gourmet cafe, sophisticated souvenir shop and, of course, the sculptures and paintings by Pablo Picasso and other artists.

Travel blog post by L.B. Lewis for October 11, 2016. Copyrighted. All rights reserved.