How to Find a Cheap Apartment in Paris

How to find a cheap apartment in ParisLooking for a cheap apartment in Paris?  With a little research, your dream, temporary apartment can become a reality! Paris has an abundance of rental options from small studios to residences with many searchable online listings. But, before you book your next apartment here are five tips to help you get started:

1)  Know what arrondisement/district of Paris where you want to be. Since Paris has twenty arrondisements, invest time in looking at a map of Paris and reading about the descriptions of each neighborhood.

2)  Decide your maximum price range and stick to it. Make use of the price search criteria on many websites which will save you time and show you only listings that match your budget.

3)  Contact agencies and owners directly that have online listings. Keep on writing emails or calling to find out the availability of the apartment for your desired dates until you have found a few that are available so you can proceed to #4.  If you do not hear back from an agency or owner, the unit is probably not available and not worth your time to wait for a response you may never get.

4)  Visit before you commit.  Even if this means you stay in a hostel or hotel when you arrive to Paris, this step is important so that you are comfortable with the apartment, landlords and the neighborhood you will temporarily call home.

5) Get contracts in writing and if you don’t speak French, request an English copy.  Different agencies and property owners have different terms. Some may ask for a deposit which could be negotiable, if you ask politely.

In my experience, it helps if you speak a little French to look at online listings.  It also helps if you start looking one to two months before your trip.  The following sites have helped me book apartments for three weeks to three months:
Craigslist Paris

Even though Airbnb may seem like an easy option, in my experience, it may be more expensive than going direct with an owner or even through an agency. Do your own research and bon voyage!