Por Ti Volare & The Text That Came Next

           This story is part of Stephen Willis’ Writing Challenge.

                    Song: Por Ti Volare

Writing Challenge Music and Short StoriesThey met last year at a bar on a beach somewhere remote. She took one look at him and heard wedding bells immediately. He was the one. They bonding over both being strangers. He had gotten a work transfer there and she had a boyfriend who didn’t like to travel. It didn’t matter because he found someone else the last time she took a trip anyway. But this guy was different and spent time with her, offered her gifts, and rides on his motorcycle.

When it was time to say good-bye, he romantically said that the future will bring us back together stroking her hair under a palm tree. The future in her mind was every second after he had said that and the infatuation grew until she planned another trip to see him. Traveling thousands of miles, bolstered by text messages and emails that kept hope alive for the future that was promised.

The reunion incarnate was met with smiles, a pleasant conversation that lasted two hours, and a sweet kiss. A half hour later his text came:  “Please don’t contact me again.”


By L.B. Lewis for October 6, 2016. Copyrighted. All rights reserved. Read more stories here.