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The Albatross

Albatross Picture for A Minor Detour“Who is your new boyfriend, Sierra? Lexie told us that you were seeing someone over there,” my Mom asked.

“Oh, haha. Yeah, I’m seeing someone. He’s great!” I said, wondering how much Lexie had told Mom, even though I’d told her not to say anything. Changing the subject, I asked, “How are you doing? Getting the house ready for Lexie’s party?”

“I’m fine. The house is a disaster with your father trying to fix everything and nothing at the same time. He’s outside now doing something…God knows what.” She let out a sigh, then continued, “But, Sierra Wellington, sometimes you are so naïve. You have to watch out because he probably is just using you to come to the U.S. And, now, all over the news, these people like him are being deported. Does he even speak English? Oh, your father just walked in. Hon, Sierra’s on Skype talking about her new boyfriend, some foreigner who doesn’t speak English,” my Mom said and moved out of the way to let my Dad take over the conversation.

“Hi, Dad. Mom, of course he speaks English,” I shyly said, wondering why she was acting like this. In my opinion, she couldn’t be picky what language he spoke if he was going to take the albatross off her hands.

“Hi, Sierra. What kind of job does this guy have? You can tell a lot about a man by the kind of work he does,” said my Dad, looking seriously pissed as he narrowed his eyes into the camera.

“He’s working on a few projects right now,” I replied, hoping that this answer would suffice.

Mom came back into focus as she pushed my Dad out of the way, “Is he coming with you so we can meet him? You know your aunt Pattie is good at knowing if someone is a liar or not. She’s coming to the party, and she’s going to make her famous cannolis! Everyone is so happy for Lexie. You know, we haven’t had a big party like this since, I think, Lexie’s first Communion.” She trailed off down memory lane.

“That was a long time ago,” I said, cutting the nostalgic trip short. “I’m looking at flights now and will let you know what I end up doing. What date is the party again?” I asked, looking at my computer’s calendar.

“August 19. You know, just bring this new boyfriend of yours. We’ll pay for your tickets. When I was dating your father, my mother didn’t like him either. But we’ve been together almost thirty years! And if someone is finally willing to take care of you, he can’t be that bad,” she said, laughing.

“Cute, Mom. Gotta go,” I said, not laughing, ending the Skype call immediately.

I closed my laptop, poured a glass of rosé, put one ice cube in, and went out on the back patio to get some air. I knew I had to go home for this party or my ass was going to be grass. This party for Lexie was all consuming. I wasn’t sure why everyone was making such a big deal about her graduating. The party that we’d had for my business school graduation was small and included a cake from Dairy Queen in the basement apartment in D.C. My self-consciousness jumped to the conclusion that maybe my parents were overcompensating for my choices to the tune of “See, everyone, we raised one normal daughter!”

After staying in Europe illegally for almost four months, I was ready to get on a plane and go back, unemployed but not alone.

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