London Book Fair: 3 Takeaways for Self-Published Authors

Picture of London Book FairAttending the London Book Fair for the first time was seriously about taking my words further. Sure, it’s easy to sit alone, pour out your thoughts to a computer, run spell check then upload to Amazon, secretly hoping your big break will come via the law of attraction. It’s a lot harder to challenge yourself to keep up with the latest self-publishing trends, evolve your craft and pitch yourself effectively to industry professionals.

This challenge was exactly what I liked best about the London Book Fair that was held March 14-16, 2017. I self-published my first book, The Right of Way, in 2016 and with the sequel, A Minor Detour, on pre-sale, what I learned at the London Book Fair has helped me be more organized and better informed. Here are three important takeaways I gained from attending:

  1. Uncover your motivation: Emphasized in a few sessions at the London Book Fair’s Author HQ, starting the path your self-published career begins with understanding why you started it in the first place. Clearly articulating the reason, if only to yourself, about what motivates you to write will lay the foundation for success and manifest itself as self-realization.

    Session at London Book Fair

  2. Understand your audience: Shooting from the hip can be fun, but a deeper dive into current trends including best selling books, movies and TV shows can provide you with more of an idea of what people are responding to now and spending their money on, according to James Spackman and Katie Roden.

  3. Utilize resources available:  Attending events like the networking event put on by BytetheBook, the Alliance for Independent Authors birthday party, and the Clinic put me in contact with amazing authors, publishers and editors. I also attended an Amazon Marketing Services session where I learned the importance of adding up to 150 keywords to a campaign.

Overall, I highly recommend the London Book Fair and Author HQ for those who are thinking about writing a book or who already have done so. The opportunities to learn and use what you’ve learned to take your words further are boundless.