THE RIGHT OF WAY  (Watch the Book Trailer)

“THE RIGHT OF WAY is a marvelous read and it’s most highly recommended.” – Readers’ Favorite

“Well done.” – Manhattan Book Review
Millennial Sierra is on a quest to pay off her student loans and live a normal life. From extreme frugality to dysfunctional jobs that take her from Washington, DC to Houston to San Francisco, Sierra remains optimistic that she can achieve financial stability by working hard. After getting fired from a tech startup in San Francisco, she begins to realize the power to control her life is in her own hands. New adult fiction and first in a modern trilogy. American woman author.Read the first chapter here. Get it now on Amazon.

A MINOR DETOUR  (Watch the Book Trailer)

I found myself unwilling to stop reading this engaging novel until I had finished it. A MINOR DETOUR is most highly recommended.” – Readers’ Favorite 

Sierra Wellington is a millennial at a crossroads after she leaves San Francisco to take a job at a startup in Madrid. In her minor detour to Europe, Sierra attempts to establish a career, pay off her student loans and find romance. But, after the startup job and its founder leave her less than fulfilled, she wonders why she got her MBA in the first place. With more travel as a means of self-discovery and a quest for romance, a series of events leaves her stranded in France with only her backpack. Her adventure takes an unexpected turn as what happens next is what she’d been waiting for all along.

Sierra’s story is certain to capture the curiosity of readers who’ve questioned the meaning of modern life. A MINOR DETOUR picks up where THE RIGHT OF WAY left off by continuing to present an engaging and entertaining look at millennial life. It is followed by ONE WAY HOME (forthcoming). New adult fiction and second in a modern trilogy. American woman author. Read the first chapter here. Get it now on Amazon.

ONE WAY HOME (Forthcoming)

is the final novel in the trilogy that finds Sierra breaking social norms again.  Her conservative family makes their disapproval of Sierra’s lifestyle known in a very public and embarrassing way.  Life changing events catapult Sierra into a series of karmic windfalls.  From strange encounters to serendipitous discoveries, Sierra finally finds herself on the path to her true home.