Hot, indie author nominee writing about loans, life and love, L.B. Lewis’s debut novel, THE RIGHT OF WAY (MODERN TRILOGY BOOK 1), reached #283 in the Kindle Store and has received five-star reviews from The Manhattan Book Review and Readers’ Favorite. Her second book in the series, A MINOR DETOUR (MODERN TRILOGY BOOK 2) was chosen by The Wishing Self Book Awards and ZYZZVA for respective programs.

She has spoken about her writing at Capital One, Institute of the Future, Mechanics’ Institute, Wayra UK, TechHub London and TravelTech Lab London. Some highlights of 2017 include:

Portal da Liderança: Hiring Marketing Talent for a Startup?
Medium:  Culture Eats Diversity for Breakfast
Spared.com:  You Are Not a Loan or Alone
Scriggler:  A Short Book Review of Madame Bovary

The Right Of Way is her well-received, debut novel and is the first in a trilogy. The sequel, A Minor Detour, is now available on Amazon. One Way Home will be published early 2018.

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