My 5 Best, Worst First Dates

best worst first datesYou’ve got a date. It’s your first date with this someone that you hope will be special. You’re expecting the best and looking your best. But then, something happens that is not the best.

In actuality, it was quite bizarre. And, oh well, now you have another funny dating story to tell and food for thought on why you have attracted this into your life. Reframing these unforgettable moments, I’ve written the following true very short and short stories about my best, worst first dates:

  • Classy:  Strip Club Date – Tribute to the Sopranos from my days as an Ohio State college student.
  • Smooth:  Julios – Short story about how this gringa got her Julios mixed up.
  • Romantic:  Work & Wine – He asked me to review a bad PPT & ordered a bad bottle of wine for us.
  • Cute:  The Fiancée Called – It was not to invite me to the wedding, but did get to speak to her!
  • Special:  Menage-a-Waitress – Before we ordered, he gave the waitress his number.

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